Hiring A SEO Firm To Build Traffic That Will Convert Into Sales

There are currently a lot of different pieces to the overall puzzle of marketing. Many people want to over simplify it, but the truth of the matter is still there, there is a great deal of marketing collateral that needs to be pushed forward in order to gain leverage within search engines. Traffic generation is something that people argue about within the circles of professional level implementation. If you want to gain a lion’s share of the marketing that comes from ranking higher online, you will need to hire a SEO firm that will be able to push you into the right areas of the internet. This is not done without a great deal of attention paid to a variety of specialized service areas. You will find that the more you fight this notion, the more complicated things will become for your website.

The Puzzle Pieces Don’t Fit

When you start to work on internet marketing without the help of a SEO firm, you will find that there is an incredible problem at the helm. You will find that you will end up having to deal with a shortage of time, and you will find that the pieces that you thought were going to help you get a lion’s share of traffic will not permeate to the right areas online. This is a complicated mess that most people end up giving up on. If you find yourself dealing with this issue and you are not really sure how to move forward, then you will need to look into getting out of the way and letting the pros handle this. It is not stated to indicate that you cannot move forward with simple tasks within the world of optimization, but rather to illustrate the fact that you need to move within several pieces of marketing collateral.

Understanding The Bigger Picture

SEOSearch engine optimization is overly simplified in today’s internet world. You will find that lots of people have talked about it in the past and they are going to continue to talk about it in the future. They are all talking about how it’s simple, or easy, or can be managed with just a few minutes a day, and while that was true about the past, the present and future doesn’t seem to indicate that at all. In fact, you will find yourself struggling to get market share if you follow what some of the pundits are saying about optimization in today’s busy world. Marketing is not something that you are going to be able to gain leverage within, unless you focus on the bigger picture.

What are some of the pieces that are going to go into the marketing program of a search engine optimization provider? Some of them include:

• Content marketing

• Social media integration

• Traffic generation

• Article marketing

• Backlink generation

• Guest blogging

• Blog setup

• Content creation and publishing

• Press release distribution

• Interior linking strategies

• Onsite SEO

The above elements are just some of the things that you are going to find to be true about the world of marketing in the framework of hiring a SEO firm, especially when it comes to the latest and greatest elements that you will no doubt have to traverse to get moving forward. There is no easy way to do all of this, even though some people will tell you differently. The issues that you will run into are not new, and are well publicized online.

Focusing on the world of marketing is something that many people want to do, but you will find that without the skill set needed to fully understand the world of integrated optimization, you will end up falling short of the true glory of all of this. You’re going to need to take time to do some due diligence on firms that you would like to hire, and see where their work fits into the aforementioned. If you do this correctly, you’re going to find yourself traversing the right paths, and perhaps even engaging within the world of internet marketing in a way that will pay off in the long term. Just remember this all takes time to build.

Most people don’t realize just how much time it takes to work within SEO standards. You may put together a great deal of solutions, and may even work on internet marketing within your own world, but if you do not usurp the traffic from other companies, you are going to end up losing out on the greater good that can come from search engine optimization as a whole.

Hiring The Right Firm Matters

There are a lot of SEO firms out there, and many will promise you the world. Take your time deciding which company is going to hold your brand in their hands. By doing so, you will be able to ensure that you are getting the right treatment, and you are able to gain leverage that will help sustain your market share long after you are done with promoting your pages. There’s something grand about this, so make sure that you’re patient, even if you are going to invest in a long term solution.

Helpful Buying Guide to Get the Best Golf Iron Sets

Shopping for golf iron sets is more convenient compared before with distributors offering them online. With shopping made easier, buyers can take advantage of several guides in ordering the best iron sets that make them more competitive in this sport. If you’re buying your own set, you can consider the following points for the club to work for your benefit.

i-3Consider your skills

Golf clubs look the same, but they come with various features designed for people of different skills. Buyers simply need to take note of their skills and see what types of irons and woods to include in their sets.

A common example of this is the mid-sized irons. Their features like having blade-like heads will require utmost precision and technique consistency. Every swing, grip and force should be consistent to ensure this club will work its features. Therefore, these irons are ideal for individuals who have such expertise. Someone who wants to train using this club may also find mid-sized irons advantageous for their future games.

Other golf clubs meant for novice players can also be obtained from dealers. These clubs can be for adults or children starting out early in this sport.

Take note of your body

Checking your body built plays an important role in buying golf iron sets. Golfs are available in various sizes and with specific features that will fit players. For instance, some golf clubs are made for men and women. They vary in certain features like in the case of grip diameter. Golf clubs for males have wider golf grip diameter due to their hands’ sizes while those for women are smaller.

Shaft length is also different because of players’ heights. In general, golf clubs for women are also shorter considering women’s physique. Customizing shaft length is also possible to ensure the golf club is a perfect fit for the buyer.

Weight and material preferences

Shaft materials contribute to the club’s overall weight. Lightweight steel and graphite are lighter than those made of regular steel. Golf clubs for women have shafts constructed from lighter materials. Men, however, have an option whether to go for the regular steel shaft materials or other the lighter ones. Although these clubs are labeled for specific users, it doesn’t mean that people can’t use clubs made for the opposite sex.

Dominant hand

Golf seems like a sport for right-handed people. However, club makers ensure that even lefties can enjoy the sport and make special golf iron sets for lefties. Stores often have a specific space for lefty golfers. This site has all the products needed designed for left-handed people.

Some buyers, however, tend to look for golf clubs at the regular section, which is the section for right-handed individuals. Stores make sure to place a link that will direct them to the same product, but constructed for left-handed people.

Set or individual golf clubs

A golfer can buy golf iron sets as is. It means that they will get all the clubs they need with a single purchase. Buyers also have an option to buy individual golf clubs, especially if they are just beginners in the sport. They will start to build their sets and save money, as they don’t need the entire set yet.

New technology available

Several technological advancements are available to help buyers improve their swing. These golf irons are compatible with several swing guides or devices to ensure they will improve their skills in the long run. Some sellers may even offer them in packages to help buyers save money.

Without a doubt, shopping for golf iron sets is much simpler nowadays through online stores. This guide will help first-time shoppers about the best golf sets to buy and other items that suit their needs according to their skill levels and other requirements.

Tips on Finding a Good Spanish Fort Eye Doctor

Finding a good Spanish Fort eye doctor is a problem on a lot of people’s plate. Of all the human senses, vision is probably one of the most important ones a person should take care of. So much of human communication depends on a person’s ability to see. This is the simple reason why people need to take care of their eyes.

There are a lot of good eye doctors out there that a person can rely on. However, a problem arises when people have little to no clue on how to choose the right one. Choosing a good eye care specialist won’t be easy, but it will by no means be impossible.

People need to be careful with entrusting the care of their eyes to a doctor. Below are a few tips for people who are on the lookout for an excellent Spanish Fort eye doctor.

Do not be too conscious about the price

Sometimes, the cost of eye care can be very expensive. This can usually result from the need to have an eye surgery or some other complicated procedure to help resuscitate the eye to a healthy state.

Remember that the eyes are the primary means by which people typically survey their environment. Life is going to be difficult if a person doesn’t take care of their eye and eyesight properly.

Avoid being too conscious of the price. When it comes to healthcare, people often get what they pay for. Given the stakes, it’s better to play it one the safe side. That it isFinding the Right Eye Doctor to say, it’s better to go for the more expensive professionals if they can provide a higher quality of service or services which are not given by other doctors.

Learning the different kinds of eye care specialists

There are actually several kinds of eye care specialists out there. Those who are on the lookout for a Spanish Fort eye doctor better learn to do their research because knowing the different kinds of eye care specialists is extremely important.

People need to learn the differences between an ophthalmologist and an optometrist. Opticians are not eye doctors per se, rather; they are professionals who work side by side with eye doctors. They are members of the eye care team.

Knowing what distinguishes one from the other is important because knowing which one to choose depends largely on a person’s needs. For serious eye infections for example, an ophthalmologist will most likely be the best option. They have a degree of training and education that allows them to deal with most of the problems that optometrists can’t deal with.

It won’t take a lot of effort to learn the difference between the two. All a person needs is to read up on some internet articles or watch videos to know the kind of role that each kind of eye care specialist plays.

Asking for recommendations from people

Another tip when looking for a good eye doctor is to simply ask people for their recommendations. There are a lot of people out there who already have a good amount of experience when it comes to dealing with eye doctors located in the Spanish Fort area. These people are in the best position to say which eye doctor is good.

Family, friends, and relatives who were glasses might be able to point a person towards the right direction. Even eye care professionals can be solicited for their advice. Sometimes, doctors recommend patients to seek help elsewhere. Someone who can’t handle the problem can always point a person to a Spanish Fort eye doctor who can.

Rules for Finding the Best Web Hosting Sites

Those on the search for the best web hosting sites out there must have certain rules and guidelines to help them with their search. Otherwise, these people will just blindly go around the internet looking at one web hosting service after another.

Websites are very best web hosting sitesmuch spoiled when it comes to the number of different web hosts that they can choose from. Finding a web host is not difficult at all. It is finding the right web host that can provide the service with the best value that can be difficult.

It takes time, dedication and perseverance to find the right web host. With the right mindset a person can find the webhost that they need. Before venturing out into cyberspace, a person needs to know what it is exactly they should be looking for.

Here are a few rules and guidelines for finding the best web hosting sites.

Checking the webs for the best web hosts

Information is always crucial. Without understanding how web hosting works, people will most likely commit a grave error that will cost them. The best thing to do is gather information in order to avoid wasting a lot of time, effort, and money.

The internet is the best place to look for information when it comes to web hosting. There are plenty of articles that can give people the information that they need to find the right web host.

There are also plenty of reviews and recommendations out there on the internet on which best web hosting sites person should check out. Always be wary though, some reviews are actually written by the web hosting service provider themselves.

When looking at the review try and list down the pros and cons of the web hosting service provider. Compare the notes to see which issues are the most common. As a general rule, the most common complaints and praises tend to be true.

Understanding the different types of web hosting services

Aside from the web hosting service providers themselves, another significant point to consider is the kind of web hosting service.

There are so many different kinds of web hosting services available. For example, some web hosting services require their clients to share servers with one another. This is the cheapest option, but comes at the expense of performance as the amount of bandwidth and disk space a client is afforded is very limited.

Then there are dedicated servers where the server is for just one client. This is an expensive option but has the benefit of allowing the client to use the server all by themselves.

Finding the right web hosting service will go a long way in choosing the right web hosting service provider. Make sure to read each type of web hosting and find the one which matches your needs the best.

Looking at the value and not just the price

In the online business, value will always trump price. There are a lot of web hosting providers that try to convince people to employ their services with these big promises of “unlimited bandwidth” or “unlimited disk space”.

First of all, neither of those two things can really be given by any web host service provider. Second, even if they can be given, those things are only useful for websites that can capitalize on those benefits. A small website does not need a lot of bandwidth or disk space.

Again, this is all about matching needs with the service provided by the web host.

Always read the fine print

One of the most annoying things about web hosting services is that they try to sneak a lot of stuff into the contract. They hope these things will go through without the client noticing. Be prudent, be vigilant, and always check if the fine print has any suspicious clauses or terms.

Keep these rules and guidelines in mind and the process of finding the best web hosting sites should be a bit easier.

Commercial Services in PCB Construction

Since PCB assembly is globally demanded especially by modern device companies, various machines and services related to this process have been constructed and developed. The main goal of such services is to promote automated processing and handling of PCBs. These services are formulated for highly complex and constructive PCB assembly and fabrication. Such services are mainly intended to resolve the user’s business needs and manufacturing support. Most companies use surface-mount technology which is commonly required for modern devices.

Essentially, PCB assembly services involve and offer PCB fabrication, thru-hole leaded assembly, SMT lead-free assembly, and PCB design. PCB fabrication can be implied as an electronic process of PCB assembly, which is the most vital part in the overall circuitry of a device. PCB fabrication is customized to satisfy the requirements of every customer. Service companies offer partnership to other PCB fabrication houses to employ distinction and customization for their customer’s requirements. Some of the factors to be considered before undergoing this process are time constraint, project’s quantity, budget, number of resources, and design complexity. PCB fabrication can be done from the simplest one-layered PCBs to challenging multi-layered ones. Also, there are various choices of printed circuit boards’ classification which are requested by clients. These are conductive, non-conductive, copper-filled, and silver-filled PCBs.

On the other hand, some service companies preferably use thru-hole methodology. This is because some devices need sturdy circuitry inside and thru-hole technology clearly implements this. This type of assembly uses lead-metal and bulky components to form a functional printed circuit board. This is somehow the conventional way of PCB formation. Although, this type of technology can be costly since there can be additional drillings or other similar services that the customer might need. But since competitiveness immense between PCB service companies, they give recommendations and palpable options to clients which can both solidify the effectiveness of thru-hole technology and minimize additional costing.

Surface-mount or SMT PCB assemblytechnology is mostly known to support lead-free components. Most PCB assembly groups offer this type of procedure to the modern device companies. Lead-free PCB assembly and circuitry are viable options for mobile and small devices. Also, this methodology is widely used due its environment-friendly process which most clients aimed for. Unlike leaded components, lead-free ones can opt to have water clean instabilities.

PCB design service is usually held by design establishments to formulate a proposal of the circuitry outline required by the clients. These services were mostly done by electrical engineers to consistently meet the maximum standard in the industry. They typically encompass the full strategy flow of PCB design. Overall capabilities of this service include graphical illustration, catalogue fabrication, signal reliability, guidelines-driven suggestions, and final documentation.

Service companies also use software and programs to provide extensive PCB system and design for their client’s needs. Some offers surface-mount assembly or thru-hole assembly services for the requirement’s capacity from prototypes to short-ranged PCB projects. Also, there are volume-construction quantities in the functional PCB facilities to accelerate and meet the required time of delivery by the clients. When customer’s required volume grows higher, the service companies offer alternative low-cost assembly facilities instead.

In the overall processing of a service company, the vital amenity that they should offer to their consumer is that they aim to meet their requirements and needs in specified budget and time. They provide pre-design and post-design analysis to reserve the status and completeness of the project. The experience and expertise of the resource are comprehensively combined with powerful programs to ensure that the functional PCB will meet what is expected from it. The proposed steps by a company will serve flexibility and uniqueness to meet and exceed their client’s standards.

Author Bio:Welcome to Imagineering, Inc. on the web. Your most reliable source for high quality and on time Printed Circuit Boards and Pcb assembly. Our quick turn PROTOTYPES are not just intended for testing and verification of designs. Every one of our boards meet IPC-A-600 F (Class2) standard, be it prototype or production. To us prototype also means ‘PER YOUR SPEC’ and delivered ON TIME.nationwide.

The Origin of Custom Coins

One of the most bearings in history is the challenge or custom coins. This type of coin is used as a bearing for any emblem or insignia of respective groups, such as in the military. Basically, they are given to those members who have proven their courage to pass a certain challenge or level of morale. They are often seen in Generals or those who have high service status. During an award, we often see those members who are recognized with a special achievement. They are presented with a custom made coin with an insignia of honor along with a certificate or award coming from the group.

The history of challenger and custom coins can be dated back from World War 1. According to historians, American volunteers who have fought for their country were awarded with a special type of coin provided by the government. Some of those volunteers were peasants while others were college students coming from prestigious schools. According to a veteran, a small bronze coin medallion was created for a lieutenant who had made a large contribution during the war. The coin was placed in a leather pouch and it was worn around his neck. The lieutenant then went in to war and was then brought down during flight. He was then forced to land in enemy lines and he was captured by the enemies. The enemy soldiers took everything from him but not the coin. He then escaped with the coin and he was able to reach a French Base.

custom coinsHowever, things became bad when they thought that the lieutenant was one of the spies from the enemy. He was then brought into court and was about to be exiled. Yet, they found that he was wearing a leather bag with a coin and the coin had an insignia on it. Knowing that the insignia was from the allies, they let go of the lieutenant and he was able to go back to his family. This is actually the start of using custom coins in the military.

It then became a tradition for military personnel to carry a coin. During the war, the coin was also used as a form of a challenge. Two soldiers will often meet up during war time. They will challenge themselves in order to see if the other person is carrying his coin. If he will not be able to show the coin, then he will be required to buy a drink to the challenger. This tradition was practiced during the war and it is still alive today. Yet, nowadays the custom coins that are produced for the military have a certain insignia or troop number depending on the rules of the camp.

During Nazi times, the coins are also used for verification purposes. Soldiers were asked to present their coins as a sign of their identity. Those who do not have the coins are considered as saboteurs or spies from the enemy. There was another story regarding this item wherein American soldiers presented their custom made coins in order to show that they are the valid contact during stealth missions. As the years went by, several other non-military groups have also practiced the use of the coins. Even the United States Congress used coins in order to show their membership to the government.

Most of the coins today are provided by the Air Force as a form of award. Other organizations utilize the coins as a sign of tradition or service. There are also some companies that utilize custom made coins in order to collect funds, even in various competitions wherein competitors will be under a certain challenge, such as with a sports game. Due to the number of coin for awards and for various purposes we now have over a million variants or designs around the globe. Some of them are made of silver while others are for gold. Most of the coins that are produced today also come in various shapes and sizes.

Fundamental Facts about Dubai Hotel Apartments

Dubai hotel apartments are considered as apartment complex units that utilize a booking system. The booking system is highly similar to something that you can find in a hotel. These apartments are identical to apartment rental. However, there are not fixed occupants and contracts that may be checked out whenever you prefer to do so.

1. According to experts, the Dubai hotel apartments are structures that are especially designed to contain both apartments and rental units or individual guestrooms.

These facilities are always under resident supervision. A conventional hotel apartment has an inner lobby where all the residents should pass so they can gain access to their units, rooms, and apartments.

Hotel apartmentsThis complex typically provides a complete and fully fitted apartment. These are often custom built. This is highly similar to a single hotel complex that contains a vast array of apartment units. The length of stay in these units may be variable. While some establishments allow their tenants to stay for only a few days or weeks, some may allow long term set ups. That is, they allow their tenants to forge a contract with them to stay in the complex for a few months or years. Most of the units in a single complex are already equipped with numerous facilities that you can usually see in typical home.

2. Dubai hotel apartments are initially created in most tourist spots as accommodation for the people who need to reside in a building that is more similar to an apartment than a hotel.

The Dubai hotel apartments will serve as a home for the duration of the stay during the tour. However, most of these units are generally serviced. Later on, most of these apartments are turned into complete homes. The unit owners allow the tenants to do everything that they can do at their own homes, including cooking, washing and cleaning.

There are numerous types of hotel apartments that you may consider for your next stay.

The first type is the extended stay hotel apartments. This can offer 24 hour reception. On the other hand, the corporate housing types are residential properties that were recently upgraded for short term stays.

3. Hotel apartments are lodging setups that provide features that are typically unavailable at conventional hotels.

These features are aimed to provide you with more amenities that are close to those that you have at home. There are substantial variations among the extended stay hotels with respect to the quality and the amenities that are available in the units. Some of the economically friendly chains can attract a clientele who utilize the hotels as a form of semi-permanent lodging.

The extended stay hotels usually have self serving laundry facilities that can offer discounts for the extended stays. These stays may range from five days to a week. They may also have suites or guestrooms with kitchens. These kitchens have the following facilities ready for use: conventional ovens, dishwashers, stove top, microwave oven, full size refrigerators and a sink. Extended hotel apartments are aimed at mostly families that are in the middle of a relocation process, business travelers on extended trips, and other people who may be in great need of temporary housing.

4. Reserving in a hotel apartment may differ a little from hotel room booking.

You may need to utilize a more personal approach because the guests who are staying for extended periods prefer to make sure that the unit that they will choose is something that they will prefer. The potential tenants may inquire about floor, floor plan, location of the apartment and view.

Another reason that a reservation agent should assist someone in booking a hotel apartment is because of important business reasons. Unlike hotels where the bookings are generally short stays, hotel apartments often attempt to accommodate the tenants who are not certain of their checkout dates. It is generally difficult to list down these hotel apartments on most of the typical booking websites.

3 Types of Gun Safes You Need to Know

Gun safes are an ideal investment as they are the most effective way to protect guns from fire and robbery attempts. Also, a safe prevents guns from getting into the hands of children which directly prevents anything tragic from happening. In this day and age, you can easily find different safes with varying features and advantages. However, all safes fall under three distinct categories. Below are the three types of safes that are available in the market.

1. Biometric Scanners

gun safesThese are some of the best modern gun safes as they use a fingerprint interface to seal and open a safe for its user. When locked to a certain set of fingerprints, the safe will not be opened by anyone aside from the people that possess the required prints. In addition, these safes have a modest storage capacity, allowing enough space for large guns like rifles and their ammunition to be properly stored inside the vault.

One major drawback to these safes, however, is the price. Most fingerprint-based safes can fetch prices of $500 and up depending on the size of the safe and its durability. In addition, some fingerprint safes lack sensitivity in identifying prints. In the event that you are not properly pressing your finger on the scanner, the safe might not even recognize you.

2. Combination/Dial Locks

This is one of the older models of gun safes as it relies on a dial mechanism to provide access to users. By dialing in a correct sequence of numbers, the safe would be able to open and allow the owner access to his guns. Certain models also use a lock and key combination for increased security.

However, dial safes are not the most reliable gun containers out there due to their slow response time. If you are not familiar with putting in a code in a dial, you might take a long time trying to open the safe. Also, if you get one code wrong, you would have to restart the entire sequence. In a robbery attempt, this long unlocking sequence can put the owner at a disadvantage. Combination safes also do not automatically lock when you close the door. In fact, you have to turn the dial after closing the door of the safe to seal it.

3. Digital/Electronic Keypads

Electronic gun safes that use digital keypads are among the commonly used safes in the market. Relying not on a key and lock combination, these safes instead possess a keypad wherein a code must be put in if one wants the seals to be released. In addition, these safes employ multiple locking bolts that embed themselves to key points in the frame to provide well-rounded protection. Depending on the thickness of the walls and bolts, a thief might encounter difficulty in trying to pry the safe open.

Of course, much of the disadvantages of these safes stem from their digital keypads as they are quite easy to hack. If a person is knowledgeable in bypassing electronic locks, opening the safe would become easier. To circumvent this, some manufacturers employ keys to keep the contents safe even if the keypad is bypassed.

Getting a Good Safe

When you consider buying a safe, it is necessary to understand how gun safes work. A locking system basically connects the lock to the handle and the locking bolts. Once the lock is sealed, the locking bolts will embed into the frame which shuts the entire door and prevents all manner of forcible entry.

Regardless of what locking system it uses, it is important to determine what kind of material is used in the safe’s body as well as its thickness. The best safes in the market are usually made from gauge steel as it makes the body impenetrable and impossible to move around. Safes should also have a high fire rating so it can protect its content in the event of fires and other emergency situations.

You can store other things in gun safes besides firearms. Gun safes have fire protection and size.

Is it Wise to Hire a Debt Negotiation Company?

People can get knee-deep with their debt problems, and when paying loans get out of hand, some would want to hire someone who would be able to find them a better course of actions. For some, it may mean hiring a debt negotiation firm.

Would That Be a Good Move?

Depending on how experienced and reliable the debt negotiation company is, it is a sound option for those who are dealing with multiple accounts. It is best to talk to them and ask for a financial counseling when your accounts are not yet moved to the collections agency. People who are also too stressed to deal with their creditors also choose to hire someone who will do a negotiation with them.

A debt negotiation company works by talking to a lender and offering that in order for them to make a profit out of your loan, they may need to waive off interest rates, or give you a reasonable discount in order for you to pay them with the resources that you have. Since most good firms are debt experts or lawyers whose expertise is financial hardship and debt management, you may be getting leverage when you want your lender to cooperate.

Things You Need To Do First.

debtWhen hiring a debt negotiation firm, it is always a good first move to talk to the institution you owe money from. Why is that? It is because not all institutions are actually willing to go on a settlement. In fact, they are under no legal obligation to enter a negotiation with you. That means that no debt negotiator can promise you that they can cut you a nice deal of 10 to 50% off your loans. Good firms do not make promises, and for that reason, they often charge the bulk of their fees when you have a settlement agreement already.

Realize that it can be a gamble when you hire a for-profit negotiating firm – they may charge hefty service fees, but it does not guarantee that you would get what your money’s worth is for. If you can negotiate personally with your lender and you think that you need a solid advice from an expert when you are facing a wall, you may want to go ahead and hire a negotiator.

Get Your Money’s Worth or Your Money Back

Make sure that you study the fees that you would be required to pay – there are companies that may make you feel that you are sinking deeper into debts but you are not feeling the situation’s improvement. At the same time, make sure that they provide you a clause that they would be waiving their fees if you do not get a settlement.

It is always good to only deal with accredited debt negotiation firms, especially those who have reliability reviews from the Better Business Bureau. Be aware that there are negotiating companies that are not settling their client’s account on time with the creditor, because they want to profit first. That in effect counts as non-payment, which damages your credit history. In effect, you may think that because you have a negotiating firm and already in a settlement, the money you are handling to your firm is partly going to your loans. Make sure that they do, because non-payment would always mean damaged credit, harassment from collections, or a lawsuit.